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"There are three stages: Thoughtless being. Thought. Return to thoughtless being." —Chad Harbach, The Art of Fielding

HALT AND CATCH FIRE #103 and #104: Needle Drops

Okay, here’s a double post for the last two episodes. Trivia: 103’s music costs were INSANE. But not our MOST insane for the season. That’s still coming. 

#103 - “High Plains Hardware”

Gary Numan - “Are Friends Electric?” (1979) [Note: Jason Cahill, writer of this episode, actually scripted this song in his initial draft. All of us believed that we would never be able to afford it, and one of us actually wrote in the margins of his draft “In your dreams.”]

Big Boys - “Advice” (1981)

X-Ray Spex - “Germ Free Adolescents” (1978) [The idea with this song was to have Cameron listening to something a little different in private, as if she listens to harder, more aggressive things when her coworkers are around, but then when she’s alone, we get a subtly unexpected glimpse into her personal life. In an earlier cut, this was actually a Cocteau Twins song.]

The Boys - “First Time” (1977) [One of the most fun tracks all season. This is also the first song my baby son spontaneously danced to, just now, while I was checking the audio for this post.]

Big Boys - “We Got Your Money” (1981)


#104 - “Close to the Metal”

Really Red - “Too Political?” (1980) [Authentic Houston, Texas punk.]

Stick Men with Ray Guns - “Hate in the 80’s (Lean To)” [A crazy Dallas punk band. Check out their Wikipedia page. It’s nuts.]

Suuns - “Fear” (2010) [Actually a choice by director Johan Renck. We loved it so much that we kept it in. This music video he directed is amazing.]

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